Songwriting methodologies that have worked for me.

Laura Love

  • What Drives or Inspires the Song
  • Techniques and Approaches to Songwriting
  • Fears about Songwriting
  • To Rhyme or not to Rhyme

Practical Applications of songwriting techniques.

Laura Love

  • Exercises to conquer writer’s block
  • Identifying your audience (i.e, political songs, church groups, family gatherings, women’s songs, love songs, children songs);
  • Identifying a group of songwriter’s who are doing exactly what you would like to be doing.
  • Forming songwriting partnerships and groups
  • Kind and constructive ways to give input on other’s songs and ways to accept input without feeling criticized.

Introduction to Slide Guitar.

David Jacobs-Strain

Make slide guitar a powerful tool for developing your own songs as well as accompanying others. Learn  techniques and tunes in this hands on class.

Demystifying the Recording Process.

David Jacobs-Strain

Come with a song. We will record and mix as many as time allows, working with technical concepts and arrangements to best serve your song.No experience necessary .

Packaging Your Song

Joe Craven

There are many ways you can package a song; genre/style, instrument choices, different arrangements, etc,. “Producing” a song can make a great song fall flat or make a mediocre song a mega hit! Take a traditional song and make it indie pop; take a brand new song and make it sound 100 years old. Looking at things differently is part of a long, grand tradition in Folk Music. Bring completed or partials of songs and let’s have a great time playing dress up with those awesome ideas of yours!

Improvisation In Songwriting

Joe Craven

A refreshing look at the disciplined practice of spontaneity in word and sound play, jump starting your ideas and keeping your songwriting movin’ & groovin’. We’ll explore the concept of “word salad”, the value of scatting melodies and rhythm reading. It’s Joe’s modern take on the idea of being a “song catcher” not of other’s songs, but your OWN! Get ready to move, write, make sounds and smile.

A Song A Week

Adam Burns

In 2018, I set myself the challenge of writing a song every week. In this class, I’ll briefly share some things that I’ve learned from this experience. Then, we’ll explore some activities that will help you generate new ideas, develop songs and, most importantly, finish them in a timely manner.

Minimalist songwriting

Adam Burns

Many of us can enjoy a song with a complex arrangement and extensive lyrical narrative. However, some of the most emotionally engaging songs are very simple. In this class, you will learn how to trim down your songs to only their harmonic and lyrical essentials to create focused and impactful compositions.

Mentor Sessions

In addition to classes and workshops, our instructors will also be available for mentor sessions throughout the weekend. These sessions are your opportunity to have some one-on-one time with our instructors and get specific advice on something you’re working on.