Coming Soon…

To sign up for the 2021 Yosemite Virtual Songwriting Retreat, register today through Eventbrite. We are also planning to do some online classes and events in the autumn of 2020. To receive notifications about future events, please sign up for our mailing list and ‘Like’ our Facebook page.


If you really want to come to the retreat but you are unable to afford the tuition fees, we may be able to help.

Regular scholarships cover up to 50% of your tuition fees, but do not pay for your accommodation. To apply, please complete a regular scholarship application and we’ll get back to you within two weeks.

The Jayme Kelly Curtis Scholarship is awarded to one participant each year and covers all tuition fees and accommodation. Jayme was instrumental in establishing the Yosemite Songwriting Retreat and an inspiration to all who worked and played with her. We award this scholarship based on community involvement and advocacy for retreat. Please visit the Jayme Kelly Curtis Scholarship page to apply.

If you would like to help someone come to the retreat, please consider donating to our scholarship fund.

Cancellation Policy

If you are registered for the retreat but can’t make it, please contact us by email. If you cancel your registration 31 days or more before the retreat, you will receive a full refund for your tuition fees and accommodation. There will be no refunds for participants who fail to show up at the retreat without contacting us before the retreat begins.